Formed in 2019 in conjunction with The Resolution Centre, the Resolution Journal promotes articles which focus on issues which need resolving both within Jersey and worldwide.

The annual Environmental Crimes Conference volume is in partnership with The Common Good Foundation, who organises the conference.

The Resolution Journal is an annual, fully-refereed international publication.

The Editorial Board consists of members of The Jersey Law Commission, with Professor Claire de Than as Commissioning Editor.

Guest Editors of the 2021 Edition include Professor Jesse Elvin, Beatrice L. Hamilton and Regina M. Paulose.

Copy Editor: Cass Annan.

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Environmental Crimes 2019 Conference Articles (2020)

Cover photo © Sue Annan

Avenging Champawat: Adivasis and Tigers in the Age of Extinction

Regina Menachery Paulose

From Non-Aggressive Military Activities In Outer Space To Space Conflicts

Beatrice L. Hamilton

‘Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry’ : prosecuting water theft in the Murray Darling Basin of Australia

Dr. Janice Gray

Wildlife in Peril: Can Environmental Courts Prevent Extinction?

Jordan A. Lesser

Unprecedented Development in Kerala and the associated risks to life

Dr. Dayana Maliyekkal

Climate Justice: Human Rights and Animal Rights

Dr. Zoi Aliozi